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With over 25 years experience producing many exciting "Easy to Read" Day Clock designs like the Cambrian pictured here, DayClox went on to introduce the Worlds' First International Digital Calendar Day Clock. The popularity and success of these clocks must be credited to the Alzheimer's, Dementia, Stroke & Visually Impaired communities; through their assistance and support in the early days of development, we now have a most exciting range of Day Clocks to suit most budgets and decors.  Based here in the UK DayClox Ltd offer full customer service and support to all our customers.

In 2010 DayClox created and  introduced the i8 A model the very first Multi-Lingual display with: - French - Welsh - German - Spanish - Dutch - Italian - Polish and English.  In 2016 DayClox introduced a new model the i8 B with an alternative choice of languages: - Greek - Russian - Portuguese - Norwegian - Swedish - Finnish - Hebrew and English.  New for 2017 is our DayClox 8 E which displays in English only with an extra line of text to show: Before Dawn, Morning, Afternoon, Evening & Night. 

Featured Products
Newhaven Day Clock

Newhaven Day Clock£14.95(£17.94 including VAT at 20%)

DayClox i8 A

DayClox i8 A£49.95  -  £54.95(£59.94  -  £65.94 including VAT at 20%)


Forget-Me-Not£11.95(£14.34 including VAT at 20%)

DayClox i8 B

DayClox i8 B£49.95  -  £54.95(£59.94  -  £65.94 including VAT at 20%)

Midland Time and Day Clock

Midland Time and Day Clock£19.95(£23.94 including VAT at 20%)

Star - Various Langauges

Star - Various Langauges£11.95(£14.34 including VAT at 20%)

DayClox 8 E

DayClox 8 E£49.95  -  £54.95(£59.94  -  £65.94 including VAT at 20%)  (1)

Ladies RC Talking Watch

Ladies RC Talking Watch£48.95   £24.99(£29.99 including VAT at 20%)


Carlisle£18.50(£22.20 including VAT at 20%)